These are the requirements of the glazing in modern transport systems, whereby safety comes first. In mass transportation, Makrolon® polycarbonate sheets from Bayer Sheet China can withstand high speed applications without difficulties when combined with the right framing. Furthermore, they are shatter- and scratch-proof and have an impact resistance of more than 200 times that of glass. But today, properties which increase comfort are also on demand. The Makrolon® IQ-Relax and CC series have strong heat deflection properties. Absorbing or reflecting the infrared spectrum of sunrays, they lead to cabins warming up much more slowly than when conventional materials are applied. Makrolon® Bayloy® and Bayblend® are available in a great variety of colours and in different surface structures. Due to their excellent thermoforming properties, they are used for interior trim in trains, planes, busses, trucks, agricultural vehicles and for many other applications.

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