Bayer SheetAsia Network

Bayer Sheet Korea and Bayer Sheet China both excel in their respective fields of operation and rely on their rich experience to serve the market. In 2009, by catalyzing the core competencies of these two companies, an unprecedented alliance has been shaped that in the future will be setting milestones in the area of Polycarbonate extrusion solutions: The Bayer Sheet Asia Network.

So what does it look like to work with Bayer Sheet Asia? The Olympic spirit “Higher, Faster, Stronger” is what we bare in mind when serving our customers. This is not only honoured by our numerous returning customers, but also was the key to success when we successfully competed for projects related to the Olympic Games 2008 in Beijing. The soccer stadiums in Tianjin and Shenyang are the evidence of our achievement. In addition, recent success stories like the Wuhan train station - the biggest application of polycarbonate sheets in the world - show that Bayer Sheet Asia is the preferred choice when reliable high quality solutions are needed.

And to strengthen the network, we are working on two more conjunction points in Japan and Taiwan. Therefore global branding and German engineering are within the scope you can reach.

Our expertise among others includes the following areas: agricultural, construction, mass transportation, industry and other creative applications.

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